What’s the worst thing you can do during a recession? NOTHING!

So learn the creative strategies that build resilience in your business and lifestyle. Recession-proof your life so that you’ll not only survive, but thrive during a recession.

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/6616806073739/WN_yWmLz06bRVuUQz7mYpx_og

How It Started

  • Inflation in 2022 was on the rise among other factors, indicating the US and Canadian economies were heading toward a recession. As a result, the respective governments activated “recession-proofing” strategies by raising interest rates and unemployment targets. Similar concerns were felt in other nations, with the rising fear of global recession…….

How It’s Going

  • Several companies (esp. in tech) cut thousands of jobs
  • High bank interest rates made housing affordability difficult
  • Consumer spending did not decrease as expected
  • There is still a fear of global recession……..

Why should this matter to you? Find out in this free webinar!

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/6616806073739/WN_yWmLz06bRVuUQz7mYpx_og

THE WORST RECESSION EVER?? – and how you can STOP worrying about it!

What’s It About?
– Our speakers for this webinar have graciously taken time to offer free education on recession-proofing your business and your lifestyle.
– Learn creative strategies to build resilience and take control of your financial future.

Who Is It For?
– If your only income stream is your salaried job, this webinar is for you!
– If you own a business with less than 50% profit margin, this webinar is for you!
– If you’re worried about losing money in a recession, this webinar is for you!
– If you’ve never invested before, this webinar is for you!

What Are The Main Topics?
– Survival Spending In A Recession
– Infinite Banking: An Alternative to Savings
– Tax Planning for Canadian Business Owners
– Creative Resilience: Digitalize Your Future

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/6616806073739/WN_yWmLz06bRVuUQz7mYpx_og

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