Darkhorse Referral Program

For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Are You Popular In The

Entrepreneur Community?

If you are, we have a gift for you!

For every client you refer to Darkhorse who signs a contract with us, you can get a referral bonus as a thank you!

Sounds cool, right?


1. Refer someone in your network via email to a Darkhorse member.
2. The person you refer will get a link to book a call.
3. If they decide to purchase a service with Darkhorse, you'll receive your bonus gift!


Darkhorse Solutions Inc. (‘Darkhorse’) makes no claims of guarantee for any figures or results listed on this website or any marketing material as it applies to your specific situation. The figures and results used are for general example purposes only. Your results may vary based on multiple different factors that may or may not be in our control.

Additionally, Darkhorse is neither endorsed by nor endorses any specific product mentioned on this website or any material used by Darkhorse in providing services to you, our clients. We may however name certain products or companies that we feel would assist in delivering results that are in line with your requests, purely for informational purposes. If we are paid to advertise any specific product or company, we will clearly display this information on the relevant pages. 

We may use or embed certain software solutions to voluntarily collect your information mainly for the purposes of communicating with you and to the extent of providing services in the natural course of business. Use of these solutions is governed by each provider’s Privacy Policy. We do not sell or otherwise share your personal information with third parties. 

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