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It takes a lot of work to start and run a business.

From branding, products, market research, budgeting, operating expenses, investment strategies, financing, marketing and sales, customer relations, business technology and so much more to do... you could be spending thousands on activities and products that don't actually help your business grow.

Sounds overwhelming, right?

A business coach can help you focus on what matters so that you're investing time and money into business growth, with minimal wastage. Finding efficient ways to solve complex problems is a forte of Darkhorse business coaches as we are fully committed to your specific business goals!

Here's What A Darkhorse Business Coach Can Do For You

Optimize Business Potential

A business coach should be well versed in all aspects of starting and running a business. Darkhorse business coaches are also entrepreneurs, so we've gone through the same hurdles you're facing. Our team has helped businesses boost profits through financial strategy, digital marketing and online technology.

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Guided Creative Advice

The hype of starting a business may lead you spending hard and fast, with minimal return. Our funnel for creativity channels your passion into a simple but effective strategy. We guide you toward consistency, values and activities that directly contribute to growing your business, without wasted expenses.

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Merge Business and Lifestyle

We love what we do and drive our clients to follow their passions too! As entrepreneurs, we don't get work-life balance, but it doesn't mean that we need to focus on the business 24/7. Our advice and strategies are tailored toward building a business that allows you to work hard and play harder!

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The Darkhorse Difference – Lifestyle Business Coaching

A Darkhorse LBC Package combines the best of all our services. We bring a holistic approach to business and lifestyle. We advise our clients on strategies that turn their dream idea into a prominent business, without making it just another 9-to-5 grind. By turning your passion projects into consistent and efficient business models, your quality of life improves! After all, if you aren’t passionate about the business you’re in, your odds of success drop by 90%.

There are many business coaches and consultants out there, so how do you pick the right one? There are generally two types of business coaches: management consultants and freelancers. Management consultants generally come from larger firms who charge a premium for their advice and strategies. Unfortunately, many of those strategies are generic and don’t help you differentiate from your competition. They are also hyper-focused on business growth, but may not understand the lifestyle portion as much (it’s no secret that management consultants “don’t have a life”!) So you’ll have to consider “do I want the best advice out there, or the best advice FOR ME?

On the other hand, freelance business coaches generally bring a more focused approach, but may not have the experience in your industry. Freelancers can offer tailored advice for your business goals, which is a benefit versus generic management consulting strategies. Some freelance coaches can offer you tailored advice backed with years of industry-leading expertise. So the sweet spot for you is to find a freelance business coach who has past management consulting experience.

In both cases, there is one extremely important factor that a business coach should bring: staying updated with technology. New and emerging technology trends can revolutionize your business model and create incredible avenues for growth. If you or your business coach are not harnessing the knowledge and efficiencies that new tech brings, you are missing out on million-dollar growth opportunities!!

With Darkhorse, you get a personalized business coach that takes the time to understand your approach and combine your lifestyle. Our team has compiled decades of experience, hundreds of start-up and scale-up resources and thousands of hours helping businesses like yours go from $0 to $100,000 to millions! Our passion for technology allows us to be creative with the advice we offer you, so that we integrate your business and lifestyle seamlessly. And we put it all together for you in our Darkhorse LBC Packages!


In fact, Darkhorse delivers the best of both worlds and still manages to tailor our solutions specifically to your business. That’s mainly because we’ve worked across a wide range of industries and business models – and we dedicate our entire consultation to understanding your business and goals. We’ve researched thousands of business models to see what works best for your business in your industry.

Let’s break down the value that a Darkhorse Package provides versus some of the pros and cons of the alternative options. Click through the tabs on the right for a comparison of each option, or…

Custom small business solutions with big value

We Also Offer Flexibility With Our Service Options

Flexible pricing options puts the power in your hands! Growing a business is like a relationship journey and we help coach you toward consistency, progress and continuous growth. Unfortunately, we don’t work with everyone. Our most successful clients are those who are laser focused on growing a business that fits with their lifestyle. They understand that to build an empire is an investment of time, money and getting in the trenches. We will guide you through the difficult parts and help you work smarter instead of harder

We expect to work with our clients long term, so we offer a free strategy session to affirm if we’ll be a great fit for each other and gauge whether we can actually help you accomplish your goals! Even if we’re not a good fit, we hope to give as much value as possible within the hour or suggest a better path forward.

As entrepreneurs. we know that start-up funding can be a challenge. If we both agree to proceed on this journey, we offer flexible and negotiable pricing that fits your budget and timeline, but also ensures that we’re able to provide the high quality of service that you expect from us.

From time to time, we release promotional pricing so that we can help entrepreneurs like you start your business off right, so keep your eyes open!

  • Scale-Up Package

  • $6,000/10 sessions

  • 10 coaching sessions to scale your business model by 10X! Designed for current business owners who are trying to increase profit. Specialized growth and scalable solutions to gain time and money!

    What you'll get:

    • Goal orientation
    • Millionaire Scale-up Strategy
    • Darkhorse business plan
    • Darkhorse leadgen website
    • Darkhorse KPI dashboard
    • Detailed financial analysis
    • Professional investor package
    • Access to special 10X resources 
    • Flexible payment options
  • Start-Up Package

  • $3,600/10 sessions

  • 10 coaching sessions to get your first $100,000. Designed for new business owners, entrepreneurs or venture capitalists. Jumpstart and keep running your new business!

    What you'll get:

    • Goal orientation
    • My First $100K Strategy
    • Darkhorse business plan
    • Darkhorse leadgen website
    • Darkhorse KPI dashboard
    • Access to 100+ startup resources 
    • Flexible payment options
  • One-Up Package

  • $500/Session

  • 1 single session for a tune-up, quick-fix or second opinion. Designed for everyone, but focused on a specific problem, mental block, or motivation.

    What you'll get:

    • Goal orientation
    • Custom Strategy
    • Darkhorse business plan
    • Darkhorse leadgen website
    • Darkhorse KPI dashboard
    • Custom business resources 
    • Flexible payment options

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