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As a small business or entrepreneur, you work with data even if you don't know it!

You collect customer information, create financial reports, measure website performance and track your profit and loss over time.

That's a lot of work right?

But with advanced data analytics tools, free or cheap software, and over 40 years of combined data analysis experience, the team at Darkhorse can help you save time and uncover hidden profit from your data!

Here's What Our Dashboards Can Do For You

Transparent Budget Tracking

As business owners, it sometimes helps to have an external eye to track your financial performance. We build a simple, structured and objective financial model using your data so that you can always have that objective view based on data.

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Quicker Financial Planning

Are you still doing your financial planning in Excel spreadsheets or on paper? Our dashboards use big data automation techniques to save you hours of work by integrating financial data directly from your financial systems.

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Accurate Analysis & Forecasts

The future of your business depends on accurately predicting your revenue, budget and cashflow. Our dashboards show you the likely trends for your business KPIs and help you plan for a successful future.

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The Darkhorse Difference – Finance Dashboards

When you start your business, your main focus is generally on sales and marketing. Performance management isn’t a front of mind problem and we get it – there are so many other things to do! You might create a start-up budget with operating expenses and a capital reserve, but most likely you’ll only track it at year-end. However, many small business are likely to overextend their expense budget and underperform on their sales, which can cost you thousands in profit per year!

That’s why financial analysts and accountants are in huge demand because of their ability to track performance and hold business owners (*ahem*) accountable for their finances. But just like doctors and lawyers, accounting professionals specialize in certain fields so you’ll need to do a lot of searching before you find one that fits your needs. So the common path is for companies to either hire an in-house accounting specialist or retain an accounting firm. This can easily cost a business upward of $50,000 per year!


So fintech companies started innovating to digitally perform basic accounting functions and offer database solutions for a company’s revenue and costs (often called Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP systems). Oracle, SAP and Salesforce are some of the bigger names in the industry, but web-based solutions like Wave, Square and Stripe are gaining more traction among small businesses as free or low-cost solutions. Almost all these software as a service (SaaS) solutions are either difficult or expensive to customize for your unique business.

We took the tradeoffs from each method and with our experience, Darkhorse delivers the best of both worlds and focuses specifically on meeting your business goals. Our team of financial and data analysts have worked across different industries and created over 100 business models – simple and complex! We use the data from your ERP or web-based systems and combine it with 40+ years of experience with finance and accounting to measure and achieve your financial goals. Most importantly, we save you time in financial planning while unlocking hidden profits to increase your bottom line!

Let’s break down the value that a Darkhorse finance dashboard provides versus some of the pros and cons of the alternative options. Click through the tabs on the right for a comparison of each option, or…

Custom small business solutions with big value

Our ABCD Process To Build Your
Finance Dashboard

01. Active Research

First we need to know about the type of dashboard you want and the industry you're in. This always starts with a free 30-minute consultation so we can discuss your business goals. We then plan key performance indicators (KPIs) that we can start measuring and look for the right data.

02. Build Out

The second step is to build out your dashboard's data connections and the top 3 pages. At this stage our focus will be to get data from the right sources and create a scalable data structure. We also include data check tables within our templates for data verification purposes.

03. Customized For You

The third step is integrating your data from various sources and constructing the custom visuals that will help you track your KPIs. We integrate performance indicators like trendlines, benchmarks and ratio analysis to give you a performance snapshot at a glance.

04. Deliver & Maintain

Finally, once you're happy with the dashboards, we offer support and training to keep your dashboards up and running. We will happily train your team to be self sufficient but will be available for support should you need us. With this we should be able to free up several hours of your time every month.

We Also Offer Flexibility With Our Service Options

Flexible pricing options puts the power in your hands! Remember that financial performance is a journey and it’s useful to measure it regularly. We like working long term with our clients, but we don’t tie you to a contract (that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of commitment!). If you’re ever unhappy with our services, just let us know and we’ll do our best to improve, or sadly remove the dashboard before your next billing cycle. 

From time to time, we release promotional pricing so that we can help entrepreneurs like you start your business off right, so keep your eyes open!


NOTE: For pricing on our custom dashboards, we highly encourage you to book a call with us! Each business is unique and we can give you a more accurate quote once we understand your current situation.

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